Numbers 21:11

And they journeyed from Oboth, and encamped at Iye Abarim, in the wilderness which is opposite Moab, toward the sun rising.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Jeabarim, means "the ford, (of Zared, ver. 12,) or the straits of passages, passengers, or Hebrews; or the hills Abarim "which extended over the eastern parts of Moab. It was the 38th station, (Calmet) at the southern extremity of Mount Abarim. (Haydock) After which Moses specifies those of Zared, (ver 12,) Mathana, Nahaliel, Bamoth, Arnon, (ver. 19,) Dibon-gad, and Helmon-dablataim, (Calmet) all on the sides of that mountain, before they came to the summit, which was also called Phasga and Nabo, chap. xxxiii. 45 But Pococke reckons only the two last among the stations, and makes those of Abarim and Shittim the 41st and 42d. The Septuagint read, "they encamped in Achelgai, on the other side, in the desert. "(Haydock) Eusebius and St. Jerome call this station of Jee, Gai or Hai, which they place near Petra, Jeremias xlix. 4. East. The Samaritan here inserts, (Deuteronomy ii. 9,) "And the Lord said to Moses, Fight not"

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