Numbers 18:1

And the LORD said unto Aaron, You and your sons and your father's house with you shall bear the iniquity in connection with the sanctuary: and you and your sons with you shall bear the iniquity in connection with your priesthood.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Priesthood. If you transgress, or if you neglect to instruct and watch over those who are employed about the sanctuary, you shall be responsible for it. (Calmet) You must resist those strangers who would intrude themselves into the office, which I have confirmed to you by miracles. (Menochius)

Richard Challoner

AD 1781
And thy father's house with thee, shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary: That is, you shall be punished if, through negligence or want of due attention, you err in the discharge of the sacred functions for which you were ordained.

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