Numbers 12:7

My servant Moses is not thus, who is faithful in all my house.
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Clement Of Rome

AD 99
Moses was called “faithful in all God’s house.” God used him to bring his judgment on Egypt with scourges and torments. Yet even he, despite the great glory he was given, did not boast. But when he was granted an oracle from the bush, he said, “Who am I that you send me? I have a feeble voice and a slow tongue.” And again he says, “I am but steam from a pot.”

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Faithful: Hebrew Neeman, steward or master of the palace. Such was Samuel, 1 Kings iii. 20; David, (Calmet) 1 Kings xxii. 14; Naaman, the general of Syria, 2 Kings v.; and Bacchides, 1 Machabees vii. (Haydock) Ambassadors had this title, (Proverbs xiii. 17,) and fidelity often denotes an office, 1 Paralipomenon ix. 22. Job (xii. 20,) speaks of the Namonim. (Calmet) But none among the Israelites was more justly entitled to this honour than Moses. He announced the word of God without any mixture of falsehood, and did not arrogate to himself more than his due, as Aaron seems to have done, ver. 2. (Haydock)

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