Nehemiah 4:5

And cover not their iniquity, and let not their sin be blotted out from before you: for they have provoked you to anger before the builders.
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AD 735
Obviously this is the anger of heretics, these the words of those who in vain call themselves “samaritans” (that is, the “guardians of God’s law”) despite the fact that they are greatly opposed to God and his laws inasmuch as, having been long separated from the House of David (that is, from the unity of Christ and the church) by heresies or schisms or wicked works, they are afraid to see the walls of the faith being built lest their own irreverence might be attacked and excluded; this is the ridicule of all who claim that “they know God, but in their deeds they deny him,” for indeed the Samaritans used to serve the Lord but without repudiating their own ancient gods. Typologically, they are imitated today by Christians but in such a way that they also consider their stomach a god and pursue greed (which the apostle clearly calls “slavery to idols”) and, being slaves to the remaining allurements of the world, serve “created things” more “than the Creator, who is praised forever.” And s...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Face. Punish the obstinate. (Tirinus) He does not wish that they may continue impenitent. (Calmet) But, on that supposition, he approves of the divine justice, and foretells what will happen. (Estius) Revenge was equally criminal under the old law, as it is at present. But the servants of God express their approbation (Calmet) of his inscrutable counsels. The imperative in Hebrew is often used for the future tense. (Haydock) Mocked. Protestants, "provoked thee.before the builders. "Septuagint omit most of this and the following verses; having only, "Do not hide thyself, with respect to wickedness. "(Haydock)

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