Nehemiah 12:12

And in the days of Joiakim were priests, the heads of the fathers' houses: of Seraiah, Meraiah; of Jeremiah, Hananiah;
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AD 735
And in the days of Joiakim, these were the priests and heads of the families: of Seraiah's family, Meraiah, and so on. After the succession of the high priests has been described, a catalogue of the lesser priests and Levites who existed in their time is also added so that we may know that after many citizens were gathered in Jerusalem, there was also an excellent and most noble assembly of priests and Levites sufficient to provide for the services of the temple and altar, to confess and praise God, for the guardianship of the temple and city, and to educate the people. And it was not done without the understanding of a more sacred mystery that the rebuilt city of Jerusalem deserved a greater multitude of citizens in every rank and order than it is ever said to have lost when the enemy was attacking and destroying it. For in the same way the Holy Church often receives greater gains from her losses when, by one person's lapse through carelessness into sin, many are frightened by his exa...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Saraia had given his name to one of the principal families, at the head of which was Maraia, at this time. The Latin manuscripts, Septuagint, and Syriac style him Amaria.

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