Micah 3:11

Her heads judge for reward, and her priests teach for hire, and her prophets divine for money: yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, Is not the LORD among us? no evil can come upon us.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Hire. It is not lawful to refuse instruction to those who have nothing; nor must priests act solely for a temporal reward, though reason shows that they should be supported by those whom they have to teach, Matthew x. 8, 10., Galatians vi. 6., and 1 Timothy v. 18. (Calmet) The judges grew rich by other people's quarrels; and, as all ranks offended, they were justly involved in ruin, ver. 12. (Worthington)


AD 420
You are permitted, O priest, to “live,” not to luxuriate from the altar. “The mouth of the ox which treads out the corn is not muzzled.” Yet the apostle “abused not the liberty,” but “having food and raiment” was “thereby content,” laboring night and day that he “might not be chargeable to anybody.” And in his epistles he calls God to witness that he “lived reverently” and without avarice in the gospel of Christ. He asserts this too not of himself alone but of his disciples, that he had sent no one who would either ask or receive anything from the churches. But if in some epistles he expresses pleasure and calls the gifts of those who sent them the grace of God, he gathers not for himself but for the “poor saints at Jerusalem.” But these poor saints were those who of the Jews first believed in Christ and being cast out by parents, kinsmen and connections had lost their possessions and all their goods, the priests of the temple and the people destroying them. Let such poor receive. But ...

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