Lamentations 3:6

He has set me in dark places, like they that are long dead.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Ever indeed, Ecclesiastes xii. 5., and Psalm xlviii. 12. Jeremias (xxxviii. 6.) was in imminent danger.

Thomas Aquinas

AD 1274
Verse 4 views the effect of divine blows. It is like a livid spot on a person's body, the effect from a rod inflicting blows. So, about this are three more views. First is the weakening of powers of an entire people. For: "He has made my flesh": 'by which people eternally existing: ftand my skin waste away": in which are delicate bones. Also: "my bones": in which are a strong warrior people. So, the Book of Baruch 3:10 says: "Why is it, O Israel, why is it that you are in the land of your enemies that you are growing old in a foreign country?" Second is the siege of those people already weakening. Since Verse 5 reports: "He has besieged and enveloped me," Namely, the besieging army: "with bitterness and trubulation." That is, by an army that inflicts labor and bitterness on me. As Job 7:12 asks: "Am I the sea, or a sea monster, that thou settest a guard over me?" Third, the imprisonment of those persons captured is considered. As expressed in Verse 6: "He has made me dwell in ...

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