Lamentations 3:34

To crush under his feet all the prisoners of the earth,
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
Regarding patience in not offering resistance, a person is praised who “gives his cheek to him who strikes him and who is filled full with reproach.” Of love to enemies it is said, “If your enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink.” This also is quoted by the apostle. In the psalm, too, it is said, “I was a peacemaker among them who hated peace,” and in many similar passages. In connection also with our imitating God in refraining from taking revenge and in loving even the wicked, there is a passage containing a full description of God in this character, for it is written, “To you alone ever belongs great strength, and who can withstand the power of your arm? For the whole world before you is as a little grain of the balance; yes, as a drop of the morning dew that falls down on the earth. But you have mercy on all, for you can do all things and wink at the sins of people, because of repentance. For you love all things that are and abhorred nothing that you have made; for never would you have made anything if you had hated it. And how could anything have endured, if it had not been your will? or been preserved, if not called by you? But you spare all; for they are yours, O Lord, you lover of souls. For your good Spirit is in all things; therefore chasten little by little those who offend. Warn them by reminding them of the ways in which they have offended, so that learning their wickedness, they may believe in you, O Lord.” Christ exhorts us to imitate this long-suffering goodness of God, who makes the sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust; that we may not be careful to revenge but may do good to them who hate us, and so may be perfect, even as our Father in heaven is perfect. From another passage in these ancient books we learn that, by not exacting the vengeance due to us, we obtain the remission of our own sins. By not forgiving the debts of others, we incur the danger of being refused forgiveness when we pray for the remission of our own debts: “He who revenges shall find vengeance from the Lord, and he will surely keep his sin in remembrance. Forgive your neighbor the hurt that he has done to you; so shall your sins also be forgiven when you pray. One person bears hatred against another, and does he seek pardon of the Lord? He shows no mercy to a person who is like himself; and does he ask forgiveness of his own sins? If he who is but flesh nourishes hatred and asks for favor from the Lord, who will entreat for the pardon of his sins?” - "Reply to Faustus the Manichaean 19.28"

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