Joshua 9:14

And the men took of their provisions, and asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Victuals, to examine whether they were as old as they pretended; or they eat of them in sign of friendship. (Menochius) Thus we find a feast generally accompanied the making of a league, Genesis xxvi. 30., and xxxi. 54. To betray a guest was deemed a heinous injury, Psalm liv. 15. (Euripides) Lord. By the high priest, clothed with the Urim and Thummim. (Calmet) This remark shows that the Israelites had been guilty of some negligence. (Haydock) Hence they were so easily deceived, being perhaps overjoyed that their friendship should be courted by so distant a nation. (Menochius) The high priest was ordered to consult the Lord for Josue, at the door of the tabernacle, Exodus xxix. 42., and Numbers xxvii. 21. (Worthington) Ver 15. Them. Were they bound to keep this promise? Some maintain the negative, as it was obtained by fraud, and therefore the Gabaonites leave themselves to the mercy of Josue, (ver. 25,) who condemns them to perpetual servitude in the house of the Lord. He could not, however, have taken away their lives after what had passed. The error was not essential, but the people might have obtained the same conditions, if they had frankly told the truth. If we make a contract with a person who pretends to be of a nation to which he does not belong, the contract will hold good. The deceit of the Gabaonites was punished as it deserved. But God required that the conditions which were granted to them, should be diligently observed; and the family of Saul was severely punished, because he had slain some of them, 3 Kings xxi. If the rest of the Chanaanites had changed their religion, and submitted to the Israelites, they might have been preserved, as Rahab, and so many others were, with whom the pious kings scrupled not to form alliances, chap. xi. 19., and Deuteronomy xx. 10 (Masius; Bonfrere; Calmet) They were, however, obliged to yield possession of the land to the Israelites, and to renounce idolatry. The Gabaonites were willing to accede to these conditions, and therefore Josue might justly make a peace with them. (Menochius)

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