Joshua 24:25

So Joshua made a covenant with the people that day, and set them a statute and an ordinance in Shechem.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Covenant. He renewed the one that had been formerly made, stipulating, on the part of God, that the people should serve Him alone, ver. 23. After which he probably read some of the most striking passages of Deuteronomy, (Calmet) particularly the Decalogue, or ten commandments, with the blessings and curses which enforced the observance of them, Deuteronomy v., and xxvii., and xxviii., and xxix., and xxx. (Haydock) Then the people swore that they would observe the law, the customary sacrifices were offered, and a record of the whole was subjoined by Josue to that of Moses, in order that it might be deposited in or near the ark, Deuteronomy xxxi. 26. (Calmet) This renewal of the covenant prefigured the law of grace. (St. Augustine, q. 30.) (Worthington)

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