Joshua 19:2

And they had in their inheritance Beersheba, and Sheba, and Moladah,
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Juda. Thus was verified the prediction of Jacob, that Simeon and Levi, who had been too much united for the destruction of Sichem, should be scattered among their brethren, Genesis xxxiv., and xlix. 6. The tribe of Simeon was not very numerous, Numbers xxvi. 14. Yet all his cities are not here enumerated, but only such as served to point out the limits. The Jews suppose that this tribe occupied the cities of Juda only as long as the latter pleased, and that it was driven out of them in the days of David, (1 Paralipomenon iv. 31.; Rabbins ap. Mas.) or at least under the reign of Ezechias, when it was forced to seek fresh settlements in Gador and Seir, 1 Paralipomenon v. 39. It was, however, led into captivity by Salmanasar along with the other nine tribes, in the sixth year of Ezechias, 4 Kings xvii. 6. The lot of Simeon was not in the centre of Juda, but only within his limits, (Calmet) either on the south, (Cellarius) or on the west side, (Calmet) or on both. (Haydock) And Sabee. This is the same town with the preceding, otherwise there would be 14 instead of 13, ver. 6. (Menochius) -- If this be not the case, we may give the same solution as chap. xv. 62.

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