Joel 1:5

Awake, you drunkards, and weep; and howl, all you drinkers of wine, because of the new wine, for it is cut off from your mouth.
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Cyril of Alexandria

AD 444
What a servile mentality from a crazed brain that knows how to do nothing else but gabble. We must reply to our opponents, “You are drunken men; rouse yourselves from your cups.” Why do you do such violence to the truth? Why have you twisted the sense of the divine teachings so as to have been carried off the royal road? On the Unity of Christ.

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Sweet. Hebrew, "wine, because of the sweet wine "(Haydock) or liquors extracted from fruit. The things which you have abused, are now taken away. Ver. 6. Nations. Some understand the Assyrians or Chaldeans. But locusts are here styled a nation, Proverbs xxx. 25. Lion. Such locusts are described, Apocalypse ix. 8. (Calmet) "In India they are said to be three feet long, and their legs and thighs are used for saws when dried. "(Pliny, xi. 29.) They were attacked by regular troops in Syria. (Pliny, xi. 29.) Ver. 8. Youth, whom she espoused first. Such are more tenderly loved, particularly where polygamy prevails. (Calmet) So Dido speaks of Sichæus, Virgil, Æneid iv.: Ille meos primus qui se mihi junxit amores Abstulit, ille habeat secum servetque sepulchro. Ver. 9. Lord. No harvest being reaped, the fruits could not be paid. Yet it is thought that what was requisite for sacrifice, would be procured from other countries. (Calmet) When Jerusalem was destroyed, sacrifices ceased. (Worthi...

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