Judges 5:20

They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Stars, or angels, who are compared to the stars, and often fought for Israel, 2 Machabees x. 29. (Vales, Philos. chap. xxxi.) (Calmet) The favourable and malignant influences of the stars, which the Rabbins talk of, would here be nugatory, (Haydock) unless they might contribute to bring on rain. (Cajetan) Josephus ( v. 6.) informs us that a furious tempest of hail, met the enemy in the face, and rendered all their efforts useless. (Calmet) A similar instance of the divine protection was obtained by the prayers of the thundering legion, in the army of M. Aurelius; (Tertullian; Eusebius, Hist. v. 5.) and again, when Theodosius attacked the tyrant Eugenius, of which Claudian speaks, (in 3 Cons. Honor.) "Te propter gelid is Aquilo de monte procellis Obruit adversas acies, revolutaque tela Vertit in Auctores et turbine repulit hastas O nimium dilecte Deo, cui fundit ab antris Æolus armatas hiemes, cui militat æther Et conjurati veniunt ad classica venti. "(Haydock) Courses. This miracle was of a different kind from that which proved so fatal to the enemies of Josue. (Lyranus) Septuagint Alexandrian, "They fought with (meta) Israel "for which Grabe puts, against Sisara. (Haydock)

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