Judges 17:2

And he said unto his mother, The eleven hundred shekels of silver that were taken from you, about which you cursed, and spoke of also in my ears, behold, the silver is with me; I took it. And his mother said, Blessed be you of the LORD, my son.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Mother. A rich (Calmet) old widow, since she had grandchildren, one of whom was appointed to serve her domestic chapel. (Menochius) She had lost a sum of money, and was venting imprecations against the thief, when her son came and informed her that he had it safe, upon which she changed her curses into blessings. Swear, may have another meaning, as if she had made a vow of this money. (Calmet; Menochius) Lord. Hebrew Yehova, the title of God, which she gives to idols, (Menochius) or perhaps she preposterously adored both the true and false gods at the same time. (Calmet) Many Protestants assert that her intention was good, in what she did. (Monceius; Grotius) So willing are they to excuse all from idolatry but Catholics! (Haydock) Almost all interpreters condemn Michas and his mother of superstition, and of acting contrary to the express orders of God, in appointing a priest who was not of the family of Aaron (Calmet) Their graven image was an idol. But this is no proof against the sacred images of Catholics. (Worthington)

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