Judges 16:1

Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there a harlot, and went in unto her.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
A harlot, or an innkeeper; for the Hebrew word signifies either. (Challoner) We have already noticed the ambiguity of the word zona, which occurs Josue ii. 1, and is applied to Rahab. This woman seems to have been of the same profession. Gaza was one of the strongest towns of the Philistines, on the south of the country. Some have erroneously supposed, (Calmet) that it was so called from a Persian word, which signifies a treasury, as Cambyses there deposited his most valuable effects. (Mela. i. 11.) Ver. 2. Setting. Hebrew, "they laid wait for him all night in the gate. And were quiet all night, saying, in the morning, when it is day, we shall kill him. "They hoped to seize him unawares, (Haydock) as they were afraid to rouse this lion, and hence probably refrained from setting fire to the house: (Calmet) though they might be deterred from doing this, by the fear of the conflagration spreading to other parts of the city, (Haydock) and by an over-ruling Providence. (Salien) Ver. 3. Bolt, (serĂ¢) which many translate, "lock. "(Haydock) The doors of the Hebrews were fastened with bars tied in a curious manner, so as to require a sort of a key, and not to be opened but on the inside. Hebron was above thirty miles distant: but travellers mention a small hill, where they say the doors were left in the vicinity of Gaza; (Calmet) and the text does not assert that Samson carried them as far as Hebron. (Haydock) He went out by that gate, contrary to the expectations of the Philistines, who supposed that he would go towards Thamnatha. If any saw him, none durst encounter the hero, as they had not yet forgotten the thousand slain with the jaw-bone. (Salien) The pagans confound their Hercules with Samson; (St. Augustine, City of God xviii. 19.) but the former durst not attack two at a time, whereas the latter engaged and slew so many. (Worthington) Ver. 4. After this. The lamentable fall of Samson took place in the last year of his administration, when Heli, of the house of Thamar, succeeded Achitob I. in the high priesthood. (In the year before Christ 1154. Salien) Sorec was not far from Saraa, where Samson was born. It probably belonged to the Philistines, as Dalila is generally supposed to have been of that nation, and most people believe a harlot. (Calmet) Adrichomius says the eunuch was here baptized. (Tirinus) Dalila. Some are of opinion she was married to Samson; others that she was his harlot. If the latter opinion be true, we cannot wonder that, in punishment of his lust, the Lord delivered him up by her means into the hands of his enemies. However, if he was guilty, it is not to be doubted, but that under his afflictions, he heartily repented and returned to God, and so obtained forgiveness of his sins. (Challoner) Dolol means, "to be impoverished or weakened "as Samson was in all respects by this wicked woman.

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