Judges 13:18

And the angel of the LORD said unto him, Why ask you thus after my name, seeing it is wonderful?
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Gregory of Nyssa

AD 394
And so, too, the word that was spoken to Manoah shows the fact that the Divinity is not comprehensible by the significance of his name, because, when Manoah asks to know his name, that when the promise has come actually to pass, he may by name glorify his benefactor, he says to him, “Why do you ask this? It also is wonderful”; so that by this we learn that there is one name significant of the divine nature—the wonder, namely, that arises unspeakably in our hearts concerning it. - "Against Eunomius 8.1"

Pacian of Barcelona

AD 391
Concerning the name Catholic I answered fully and in a conciliatory manner. For I said that it mattered to neither one of us what the other was called. But if you demanded to know the meaning of the name, whatever it might be, it is “wonderful”—whether it means “one in all” or “one above all” or, an interpretation I have not mentioned previously, “the king’s child”—that is, the Christian people. Certainly this name, which has endured for so many centuries, was not bestowed upon us by ourselves but by God. And truly I rejoice that, although you may have preferred other names, you agree that the name belongs to us. And what if you were to deny this? Then nature would cry out. Or if you still have doubts, let us say nothing about it. We will both be that which we are called, under the witness of the antiquity of the name. If, however, quite stubbornly you continue to ask, take care lest that “man of might” may exclaim to you, “Why do you ask my name? The name itself is wonderful.” I then ...

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