Jeremiah 33:25

Thus says the LORD; If my covenant is not with day and night, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth;
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Cassiodorus Senator

AD 585
“But the counsel of the Lord stands forever. The thoughts of his heart are for all time.” Just as he said that the debased plans of people are to be made vain, so now he says that the dispositions of the Lord remain forever. While the sinner and the mortal person experience transient things, the eternal Lord established what will never be blameworthy. As Isaiah says, “All my counsel shall be enduring, and all that I meditated I shall achieve.” Jeremiah too says the same thing: “If my covenant were not under guard day and night, I should not have issued the laws of heaven and earth.” - "Explanation of the Psalms 32.11"

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