Jeremiah 20:18

Why came I forth out of the womb to see labor and sorrow, that my days should be consumed with shame?
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
How much dissatisfaction do we see that even the brief stages of our lives bring on us! The boy longs to be a young man. The young man counts the years when he will be older. The mature man, ungrateful for the blessing of being in the prime of life, eagerly desires the honor associated with old age. Thus, to all there comes naturally a desire for change, simply because we become dissatisfied with what we are now. Therefore, even the very things that we have wished for become wearisome to us on their enjoyment, and what we have desired to obtain we reject on its attainment. Consequently, holy people have not without reason lamented their prolonged sojourning here: David lamented it, Jeremiah lamented it, Elijah lamented it. If we can believe wise people, even those in whom the divine Spirit spoke were hastening to better things. - "On His Brother Satyrus 2.124–25"

Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
The apostle says, “God commends his charity toward us, because when as yet we were sinners, Christ died for us. Much more now that we are justified in his blood shall we be saved through him from the wrath.” Of this wrath he says, “We were by nature children of wrath even as the rest.” Of this wrath Jeremiah says, “Cursed be the day when I was born.” Of this wrath holy Job says, “Let the day perish wherein I was born.” Of this wrath the same Job says again, “Man born of a woman, living for a short time, is filled with many miseries.” - "Against Julian 6.24.77–78"

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