Job 9:8

Who alone spreads out the heavens, and treads upon the waves of the sea.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Heavens, like a tent, Psalm ciii. 2. These nations lived under tents; (Calmet) and beholding the magnificent one which God had spread over the heads of all, Job, in rapture, (Haydock) wonders that he should have created such a pavilion for his servants.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
10. For what is denoted by the name of ‘the heavens,’ but this very heavenly life of the persons preaching, of whom it is said by the Psalmist, The heavens declare the glory of God. Thus the same persons are recorded to be the heavens, and the same to be the sun; the heavens indeed, in that by interposing [intercedendo] they shield; the sun, in that by preaching they display the power of light. And so, upon the ‘earth being shaken’ ‘the heavens were spread out,’ in that when Judaea ravened in the violence of persecution, the Lord spread wide the life of the Apostles, for all the Gentiles to acquaint themselves withal. And whilst she in judgment being made captive is scattered over the world, they by grace are every where amplified in honour. For ‘the heavens’ were of small compass, so long as one people contained so many mighty preachers. For to which of the Gentiles would Peter have been known, if he had continued in the preaching to the Jewish people alone? Who would have know...

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