Job 7:7

O remember that my life is a breath: my eye shall no more see good.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Wind. What is life compared with eternity, or even with past ages? (Calmet) "What is any one? Yea, what is no one? Men are the dream of a shadow "says Pindar; (Pyth. viii. Skias onar onthropoi) "like the baseless fabric of a vision. "(Shakespeare)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
28. For those men love the life of the flesh as enduring, who do not consider how infinite is the eternity of the life to come; and whereas they take no thought of the sure stedfastness of the everlasting state, they take their exile for their home, darkness for light, going for standing. Since they that know nothing of greater things can never judge rightly of the least. For the order of judging requires that we should be above that which we are striving to try. Since if the mind is not able to rise above all things, it has no certain sight at all in relation to those, by which it is surpassed. And so it is for this reason that the lost soul is inadequate to estimate the course of the present 1ife, because from love of the same it is bowed down to the admiration thereof. But holy men, in proportion as they lift their hearts towards the eternal world, bethink themselves how short-lived that is which is closed by an ending. And all that is passing is rendered worthless to their s...

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