Job 6:16

Which are black by reason of the ice, and in which the snow is hid:
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Them. They shall run from a less to a greater evil. (Calmet) Septuagint, "Those who respected me, have now fallen upon me, like snow or ice; (17) as when it is consumed with heat, it is no longer known where it was: (18) thus I have been abandoned by all, lost and expelled from my house. "Consider, (19) Hebrew continues, in the comparison of the torrents, (15) "which are hidden by the ice and snow "and are left dry and of no service in summer, when most wanted. (Haydock) So these friends stood by me only in the days of my prosperity. (Calmet) Luther and the Dutch version follow the Vulgate, Amama says, improperly. He proposes that of Pagnin, "which (torrents) are darkened by the ice. Snow is concealed in (Montanus, upon) them. "(Haydock)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
32. For the frost congeals below, but the snow falls down from above. And often there are persons, who, while they fear temporal adversities, expose themselves to the severity of everlasting visitation. Concerning whom it is rightly declared by the Psalmist, There were they in great fear where no fear was. [Ps. 14, 5] For this man already longs to defend the truth with freedom, yet being affrighted in that very longing that he feels, he shrinks from the indignation of a human power, and while on earth he fears man in opposition to the truth, he undergoes from heaven the wrath of Truth. That man, conscious of his sins, is already desirous to bestow upon the needy the things which he is possessed of, yet dreads lest he himself come to need them so bestowed. When, being alarmed, he provides with reservation for his own use succours of the flesh for the future, he starves the soul from the sustenance of mercy, and when he fears want on earth, he cuts off from himself the eternal plen...

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