Job 5:23

For you shall be in covenant with the stones of the field: and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with you.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Stones, so as not to stumble; or, the rocks will be a retreat for thee.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
50. The Churches of the nations are like separate countries in the world, which, while they be planted in one faith, are separated by a diversity of customs and of tongues. What then do we take the stones of the countries to mean but the Elect ones of the Church, to whom it is declared by the voice of him who was the first among the teachers, Ye also as lively stones are built up a spiritual house? [1 Pet. 2, 5] Concerning whom the Lord by His Prophet promises Holy Church, saying, Behold, I will lay thy stones in order. [Is. 54, 11] Whoso then lives aright, joins himself in covenant ‘with the stones of the countries.’ For herein, that he conquers the desires of the world, without doubt he ties his life to an imitation of the Saints that have gone before. But when he is departing from the practice of the world, the assaults of malicious spirits increase, which nevertheless, the more they afflict a man in sorrow of heart, bow him the more humbly to his Creator. And hence it is add...

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