Job 42:16

After this lived Job a hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons' sons, even four generations.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Years, in all, as Judith is said to have dwelt in the house of her husband 105 years; though it is agreed that she only lived that space of time. (Haydock) Authors are much divided about the length of Job's life. Some suppose that he was afflicted with the leprosy at the age of 70, for several months, (Tirinus) or for a whole year, (Calmet) or for seven, (Salien) and that he lived twice as long after his re-establishment, in all 210. (Calmet) (Tirinus) Septuagint, "Job lived after his chastisement 170 "(Grabe substitutes 140 years. Then he marks with an obel as redundant) "but all the years which he lived were 248 "and adds from Theodition, "And Job saw his sons and their children, even the fourth generation. "(Haydock) The old Vulgate had also 248 years; while some Greek copies read 740. But Grotius thinks the life of Job was not extended beyond 200. Petau and Spanheim say 189, (Calmet) and Pindea 210, or rather 280, years. Yet the life of man, in the days of Moses, his contemporary...

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
47. In Holy Scripture a person is not easily recorded as ‘full of days,’ unless he is one whose conduct is praised in the same Scripture. For he is in truth void of days, who, even if he has lived ever so long, has wasted the time of his life in vanity. But he, on the other hand, is said to be ‘full of days,’ whose days pass not away and come to nought, but by the daily reward of good works, are treasured up with the just Judge, even after they have been passed. 48. But because there are some who wish to interpret these things also as typical of Holy Church, (whose wishes we must the rather obey, the more we must also rejoice at their spiritual understanding,) if we multiply fourteen by ten, we come to the number one hundred and forty. And the life of Holy Church is rightly reckoned as made up of ten and four, because by keeping both Testaments, and living both according to the ten commandments of the Law, and the four books of the Gospel, it is carried on to the height of perfection....

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