Job 41:29

Darts are counted as straw: he laughs at the threat of a javelin.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
23. As if he were saying, He despises even the weight of that reproof, which strikes him by a punishment coming from above. For in Holy Scripture by the name ‘hammer’ is sometimes designated the devil, by whom the faults of offenders are now smitten. But it is sometimes taken for the smiting of heaven, by which even the Elect feel blows from above, in order to amend their evil ways: or it strikes the reprobate with just indignation, in order that by now anticipating eternal punishments, it may shew them what they also deserve hereafter. For that the ancient enemy is expressed by the term ‘hammer’ the Prophet witnesses, when he observes the power of the last judgment upon him, and says, How is the hammer of the whole earth broken and crushed? [Jer. 50, 23] As if he were saying, Who can imagine with what a whirling stroke, at the coming of the last judgment, the Lord shatters him with eternal damnation, by whom He smites those vessels of His which are to he fashioned for the use of His service? Again, by a ‘hammer’ is expressed a blow from heaven, which is signified by Solomon building the temple, when it is said, And the house when it was in building, was built of stones hewn, and made ready, and neither hammer, nor hatchet, nor any tool of iron was heard in the house, while it was in building. [1 Kings 6, 7] For what did that house typify but Holy Church, which the Lord inhabits in heavenly places? To the building of which the souls of the Elect are brought, as if they were some polished stones. And when it is built in heaven, no hammer of discipline there any longer resounds, because we are brought thither, as stones hewn, and made ready to he arranged in places fitted for us according to our desert. For here we are beaten outwardly, in order that we may arrive thither without reproach. Here does the hammer, here the hatchet, here do all the iron tools of blows resound. But in the house of God no blows are heard, because in the eternal country the noises of smitings are now hushed. There the hammer strikes not, because no punishment afflicts. The hatchet cuts not, because no sentence of severity casts out those who have been once received within. The instruments of iron resound not, because not even the slightest scourges are any longer felt. Because then the weight of the heavenly blow is expressed by a hammer coming down from above, what is meant by this Leviathan despising the hammer, except that he scorns to dread the blows of the heavenly punishment? And he counts the hammer as stubble, because he prepares himself for the weight of just wrath, as if against the lightest alarms. Whence it is also added still more expressly; And will laugh at Him that shaketh the spear. 24. For the Lord shakes a spear against Leviathan, because He threatens a severe sentence in his destruction. For to ‘shake a spear’ is to prepare for him eternal death through strict punishment. But the apostate spirit, despising the Author of his life, even with his own death, laughs at Him that shaketh the spear; because whatever severe, whatever horrible fate he foresees approaching from the strict judgment, he fears not to suffer it: but the more he perceives that he cannot escape eternal torments, with the greater cruelty does he rise up in practising his wickedness. And when the wise ones of this world behold him made firm with such perseverance, and such might, in all that he desires, they, most of them, incline their hearts to yield to his tyranny; and all that they know by the gift of God, do they turn against Him and apply to the service of His enemy.

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