Job 40:10

Deck yourself now with majesty and splendor; and array yourself with glory and beauty.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Behemoth; the elephant, (Challoner) "as some think. "(Protestants' marginal note) (Haydock) This is the most common opinion, though Sanchez explains it of the bull; and Bo chart, after Beza and Diodati, declares in favour of the hippopotamus, (Calmet) or "river horse. "Parkhurst even thinks Bo chart has proved this "to a demonstration. "The sea or river horse, (Haydock) is an amphibious animal, (Calmet) found in the Nile and Indus, and said to have the feet of an ox and the teeth of a boar, but not quite so sharp, while the neighing, back, mane, and tail, resemble those of a horse. Its hide, when dry, is said to resist even a musket-ball. (Button; Dict.) We find a good description of this animal in Watson, p. 91. But the plural Be moth, female (Haydock) "beasts "seems more applicable to the elephant, on account of its great size, as it is designated by theria, or Bellua, by the Greek and Roman authors. (Suidas.) (1 Machabees vi. 35.) (Pliny, viii. 3.) It may have received the name o...

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
8. Thou understandest, As I. For He surrounds Himself with beauty, of Whom it is written, The Lord hath reigned, He hath put on beauty. [Ps. 93, 1] He is raised aloft in us, when He is proved to be in His own Nature unsearchable by our minds. But He is glorious, Who while He enjoys Himself, needs not any added praise. He is arrayed in beautiful garments, because He assumed for the service of His beauty, the choirs of the holy Angels, whom He created, and sets forth His Church as a kind of glorious garment, not having wrinkle or spot. Whence it is said to Him by the Prophet, Thou hast put on confession, and beauty, clothed with light as with a garment. [Ps. 104, 1. 2.] For here He puts on confession, there beauty; because those whom He has here made to confess by penitence, He will there set forth refulgent with the beauty of righteousness. He is clothed, therefore, with light as with a garment, because in that eternal glory He will be clothed with all the Saints, to whom it is said, Ye...

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