Job 38:41

Who provides for the raven its food? when its young ones cry unto God, they wander about for lack of food.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Wandering. Sixtus V reads vagientes, (Calmet) "crying like children. "(Haydock) The ravens presently drive their young away to seek for fresh habitations. (Pliny, x. 12.) (Psalm cxlvi. 9.) (Calmet) If God provide for such creatures, He will show still greater attention to man. (Worthington)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
32. But by the name of ‘raven,’ the people of the Jews, black with the demerit of unbelief, can also he designated. For its young ones are said to cry to God, that food might be prepared for this very raven by the Lord; doubtless, because the holy Apostles, begotten of the flesh of the people of Israel, while they were pouring forth prayers to the Lord for their nation, fed with spiritual wisdom their parent people, as the young ravens feed him from whom they are sprung in the flesh. While therefore his young ones cry out, food is provided for the raven; because, while the Apostles entreat, the people, which was before unbelieving, is led to the knowledge of the faith: and from the preaching of its sons is fed, as it were, by the voice of its young ones. But we ought in this verse carefully to notice that point, that food is said to be prepared for this raven, first when his young ones are crying, and afterwards when they are wandering. For food is prepared for the raven, at the cry of...

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