Job 38:38

When the dust grows into clumps, and the clods cleave fast together?
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Together. When was the water separated from the earth? (Haydock) Where wast thou when I gave consistency to the rocks? (Calmet)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
22. Whom do we understand by dust but sinners, who, steadied by no weight of reason, are hurried away by the blast of any temptation? Of whom it is written; Not so the ungodly, not so, but as the dust which the wind sweepeth away from the face of the earth. [Ps. 1, 4] The dust therefore was hardened into earth, when sinners, having been called in the Church, were confirmed by the system of transmitted faith: in order that they, who before, being fickle through inconstancy, were raised up by the breath of temptation, might afterwards remain unmoved against temptations, and, constantly adhering to God, might hold a firm weight of good living. But clods are composed of moisture and of earth. The clods therefore are bound together in this earth, because sinners, when called and watered by the grace of the Holy Spirit, are joined together in the union of charity. These clods are therefore bound together in the earth, when people, who were before of different sentiments, as it were, in the d...

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
18. For the sacred language describes, after its custom, things still future, as though already passed: observing, namely, in itself, that which is said by it; Who made the things that are to come. [Is. 45, 11] The dust is therefore hardened at that time into earth, because it is brought back to solid limbs. And the clods are bound together, doubtless, because solid bodies arise together gathered from the dust. But after we have stated how these words of the Lord are to be understood of the future, let us now point out what they mean concerning the present. 19. Who will declare the system of the heavens, and who will make the harmony of the heaven to sleep? The Lord declares the system of the heavens, whilst He now illuminates the minds of His Elect by teaching heavenly secrets. But He makes the harmony of heaven to sleep, whilst by a righteous judgment He conceals from the hearts of the reprobate the harmonious hymns of angels, and those joys of heavenly virtues. For this harmony of ...

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