Job 37:24

Men do therefore fear him: he respects not any that are wise of heart.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Fear him, and receive with respect whatever he shall appoint. (Haydock) And all. Hebrew, "he fears not any that are wise of heart. "He knows that the most intelligent (Calmet) must confess their ignorance, when they attempt to examine his divine nature. Simonides being desired by Hiero to express his sentiments on this subject, always requested more time to consider of it. Quia, inquit, res videtur mihi tanto obscurior, quanto diutius eam considero. (Cicero, Nat. i. 60. Selectæ e Prof. i. 3.) "With thee (says St. Augustine, Conf. i. 6.) stand the causes of all instable things "(Haydock) Those who are really wise, will therefore adore God's judgments in silence, while the presumptuous will be forced to yield. This is the excellent conclusion of all that had been said. (Pineda) The sentence is beautiful, but ill-applied (Haydock) to Job. (Philip) See Proverbs iii. 7. (Haydock) He convinced the other three with sound arguments, "and this last and most arrogant disputant with silence....

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
75. Eliu in this place calls those who are strong of understanding ‘men.’ [‘viros’] And we must note that he says not, ‘And wise men will not dare to contemplate Him,’ but, They who seem to themselves to be wise. By which words, namely, he implies those who are skilful, but arrogant. Eliu, therefore, while he has many forcible sentiments, has touched himself in the close of his speech. For when men, who are learned and arrogant, do not live rightly, but are compelled by the force of doctrine to say right things, they become in a measure the heralds of their own condemnation, because while they enforce in their preaching that which they scorn to do, they proclaim with their own voices that they are condemned. Against whom it is well said by the Psalmist, They were turned into a crooked bow. [Ps. 78, 57] For a crooked bow strikes the very person, by whom it is aimed : but the tongues of arrogant men are in their sayings like a crooked bow ; be- cause when they speak against pride, they f...

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