Job 37:1

At this also my heart trembles, and is moved out of its place.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
This thunder, the effects of which are so terrible, that it is often styled the voice of God. (Calmet) (Psalm xxviii.) (Menochius) The consideration of rewards (chap. xxxvi. 33.) stimulates the good, while thunder strikes the heart with terror. (Worthington)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
31. Because, while fear strikes the mind, it estranges it from itself, the Latin translations sometimes call an ecstasy fear, as is said by the Psalmist, I said in my fear, I am cast out from the sight of Thine eyes; [Ps. 31, 22] Where, namely, it could have been called not fear, but a transport [‘excessus’]. But fear is in that place used for transport, because the mind is estranged from itself in fear, as it is a transport. Whence also, in this place, after considering the light of the eternal country, it is rightly subjoined, At this my heart trembled. As if he said, It went beyond itself in transport of admiration, and because the mind is inspired with the spirit of new hope, it has deserted itself as it used to be in its old thought. 32. But it is well said, And was moved from its place. For the pleasure of this present life is the ‘place’ of the human heart. But when the place of our heart is touched with a divine aspiration, there comes a love of eternity. The mind, therefore, ...

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