Job 34:6

Should I lie concerning my right? my wound is incurable though I am without transgression.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
There. Septuagint, "he has been deceived "epseusato. Hebrew, "I will convict my judge of lying "or (Calmet) Protestants, "should I lie against my right? "(Haydock) Job, in the excess of grief, had expressed himself forcibly, chap. xix. 6., and xxiii. 7. But great deductions must be made from such hyperboles; and he had frequently praised the mercy and justice of God, and his just punishment of the wicked. He had indeed excepted himself from the number; and Eliu ought to have proved that he was wrong in this respect. But he seems to have all along evaded or mistaken the point under dispute. (Calmet) Arrow, which pierces me. (Haydock) The deferring judgment was not a subversion of it, as Eliu would argue, chap. xxvii. 2. (Worthington)

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