Job 34:13

Who has given him charge over the earth? or who has laid on him the whole world?
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Earth? If God cannot be unjust, hath he given the administration of the world to some other, who may have been deceived? This will not be asserted. Hebrew, "who hath visited the earth for him? "or, "who hath set him over the earth? "Is he a hired judge, who may be bribed? (Calmet)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
The Lord said to the devil, “You have moved me against him to afflict him without cause.” But Elihu says, “That the Lord will not condemn without cause.” A statement that is believed to be at variance with the words of Truth, unless weighed with careful consideration. To condemn is one thing, to afflict another. He afflicts therefore in some respect without cause but does not condemn without cause. Had he not afflicted Job in some respect without cause; since sin was not blotted out, how could his merit be increased by it? For he cannot condemn without reason, inasmuch as condemnation cannot partly take place for a certain purpose, since it punishes at the end all the ungodliness that anyone has here committed. Nor does almighty God subvert judgment, because, although our sufferings seem to be unjust, yet they are rightly inflicted in his secret judgment. It follows, “Whom else has he appointed over the earth, or whom has he placed over the world which he has made?” In order, namely, t...

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
46. In order, namely, that thou mayest understand, No one. For He governs indeed by Himself the world which He created by Himself: nor does He need the aid of others in governing, Who needed it not for creating. But these points are brought together, in order that he might plainly point out, that if Almighty God does not neglect to govern by Himself the world which He created, He most certainly governs aright that which He created aright; that He does not order in unmercifulness that which He fashioned in mercy; and that He Who provided for their being before they were made, does not forsake them after their creation. Because then He is present to rule, Who was the First Cause at their creation, He therefore does not omit to take care of us.

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