Job 31:7

If my step has turned out of the way, and my heart walked after my eyes, and if any spot has cleaved to my hands;
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Eyes. Sixtus V read, "If my eye hath followed my heart. "(Calmet) Job kept the utmost restraint both upon his eyes and heart, that no evil impressions from exterior objects might cause his ruin, Numbers xv. 39. (Haydock) Hands, from presents, (Calmet) or injustice, particularly that of impurity. (Haydock)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
12. So many times does ‘the step go out of the way,’ as our thought quits the way of the right, by the consenting of wandering. Now we as it were set as many ‘steps out of the way,’ as we are parted by bad desires from the delightfulness of the heavenly life. For as we have before stated, being still borne down by the load of corruptible flesh, we are not able to live in such a manner as that not any enjoyment of sin should be able to strike us. But it is one thing for the mind to be touched against its will, and another to be killed whilst consenting. But holy men guard themselves with more watchful solicitude in proportion as they take shame for being assaulted by the misdirected motions even of passing gratification. And hence it is yet further added; And if mine eye hath followed mine heart. [viii] [HISTORICAL/MORAL INTERPRETATION] 13. See again how by the keeping of inward vigour he returns to the training of the outward members, that if the heart should perchance covet ...

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