Job 31:38

If my land cries against me, and its furrows likewise complain;
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Mourn, as if I possessed the land unjustly, or had committed some crime.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
52. For what is it for the ‘land to cry,’ for ‘the furrows to weep,’ and to have ‘eaten one’s own fruits buying them?’ To whom is it necessary to buy what is his own? who has heard ‘the land crying?’ Who has seen ‘the furrows weeping?’ And whereas the furrows of the land are always of the land, why is it that by a separate declaration it is both said that the land did not cry, and that the furrows thereof did not weep along with it? For whereas a furrow of the earth is nothing else but earth, it does not need the accounting of much difference, that he adds; And along with it the furrows thereof weep. In which same point because the order of the history falls to the ground, the mystical meaning displays itself to us, the doors as it were being now set open. As though it exclaimed in plain speech; ‘Whereas ye know that the reasonableness of the letter has dropped dead, doubtless it remains that ye should fall back to me without misgiving. For every one who either by private right rules a...

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