Job 31:20

If his heart has not blessed me, and if he was not warmed with the fleece of my sheep;
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Blessed me for clothing. (Menochius)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
Because he did not despise the poor, he displayed the virtue of humility; and he covered him out of pity. For these two virtues ought to be so linked together as to be even supported by reciprocal practice; that so neither humility, when it reverences a fellow creature, should abandon the grace of free giving, nor pity, when it gives, be made to swell high. Thus toward the need of a fellow creature, let pity sustain humility, humility sustain pity, so that when you see one who is a sharer of your own nature lacking the necessaries of life, you should neither through pitilessness cease to cover him nor from pride cease to reverence him whom you do cover. For there are persons who, the moment they are entreated for necessaries by their brothers in need, afterwards intending to bestow gifts on them, first let loose words of insult against them. These persons, though in things they execute the office of pity, yet in words lose the grace of humility, so that for the most part it seems they ...

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