Job 30:27

My heart is in turmoil, and rests not: the days of affliction confront me.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
Since for ‘the bowels’ of Holy Church ‘to boil’ is for her to endure in the fierceness of persecution, these very persons too, whom she had before in the love of the faith carried as ‘bowels.’ Which same first acquainting themselves with her secrets, in the same proportion as they know where she suffers the greatest pain, to so much the worse degree never rest from the afflicting of her; which persons however even in the time of her peace she bears heavily with, because she takes thought of their ways as opposite to her own preachings. For she groans when she espies the life of those as unlike to herself. Concerning whom also it is fitly subjoined; The days of affliction prevented me. For the Holy Church of Elect persons knows that in the last persecution she shall suffer many ills, but ‘the days of her affliction prevent her’; because even in the time of peace she bears within herself the life of the wicked with a heavy spirit. For though in the last days there follow the open persecution of the unbelievers, yet this same even before it comes to light, those in her who are believers to the extent of the word only by bad practices forerun.

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