Job 3:2

And Job spoke, and said,
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Didymus the Blind

AD 398
The wise man is no babbler, nor does he utter through his mouth anything that cannot happen. Thus he does not curse the day as a period of time but those things that occurred on that day. For it is Scripture’s custom to call occurrences a “day.” This the psalmist teaches us, when he says, “The Lord delivers them in the day of trouble.” Thereby he does not refer to “day of trouble” as a period of time but to the trouble that happened on that day. Paul’s statement, “because the days are evil,” also has the same meaning. One can say that the day’s events are good for some and bad for others. Thus, for the people of Israel who crossed the Red Sea against their expectations, the day was good. For the Egyptians, however, the day was bad, for “they sank like lead in the mighty waters.” - "Commentary on Job 3.1"

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