Job 3:13

For now should I have lain still and been quiet, I should have slept: then would I have been at rest,
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Sleep. So death is often styled. Olli dura quies oculos et ferreus urget Somnus: in æternam clauduntur lumina noctem. (Virgil, Æneid x.)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
54. For this was man set in Paradise, that, had he attached himself by the chains of love to an obedient following of his Creator, he might one day be transported to the heavenly country of the Angels, and that, without the death of the flesh. For he was made immortal in such sort, that, if he sinned, he would yet be capable of dying, and in such wise mortal, that, if he sinned not, he should even be capable of never dying, and that, by desert of a free choice, he might attain the blessedness of those realms, wherein there is neither possibility of sinning nor of death. There then, where, since the time of the Redemption, the Elect are conveyed, with the death of the flesh intervening, to the same place our first parents, if they had remained stedfast in the state of their creation, would undoubtedly have passed, and that, without the death of the body. Man then would have lain still and been quiet, he would have ‘slept and been at rest,’ in that being brought to the rest of his et...

Hesychius of Jerusalem

AD 433
To enjoy the beauty of God’s creation is desirable. It is a good thing to become a human being and to receive the image of God. It is not good to linger in an impure life. Many people are fascinated by an impure life, but not the righteous. Therefore, the departure from this world is no reason for sadness, for death is rest and deliverance from pain. Death is sleep. To depart from one’s body is rest. - "Homilies on Job 6.3.13–16"

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