Job 28:8

The lion's whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Merchants, who go the shortest road. (Haydock) Hebrew, "of lions "which find their deans without asking for the path. (Calmet)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
55. In all the Latin copies we find the word ‘Instructors’ [Institutores] put down, but in the Greek we find ‘traders,’ [negotiatores] whereby it may be inferred that in this passage the several copyists from being ignorant put ‘instructors’ (‘institutors’) instead of ‘institores’ (‘ dealers’). For we call traders ‘institores’ on this account, that they are ‘instant in plying work.’ But both the one phrase and the other, though they disagree in utterance, yet are not at variance in meaning, because all those who instruct the practice of the faithful, carryon a spiritual dealing, that while they supply preaching to their hearers, they should receive back from them faith and right works; as where it is written touching Holy Church, She maketh fine linen, and selleth it. Concerning whom it is likewise said a little after in that place, She perceiveth that her trading is good. [Prov. 31, 24] Who in this place are called ‘instructors’ but the holy Prophets, who busied themselves by pro...

Julian of Eclanum

AD 455
Even though they sail in the air and reach paths close to heaven, they cannot approach those through which knowledge is attained. “That path no bird knows.” The context of the exposition seems to demand that effects and duties follow the knowledge that he has set out to describe and that he assigns parts of it, so that people, with its guidance, may reach in the hope of their search those places that had previously been far removed from the access of mortals. And, according to his custom, he exaggeratedly says huge deserts are reached by people that are far removed from birds and other beasts while they are trodden by human foot. “The sons of the merchants have not trodden it.” While he sets out to show that people penetrate the deserts, how can he now deny that wildernesses are trodden by the feet of merchants? Therefore, it seems that here he has shown the scarceness of the travelers and has denied the frequency of the merchants. “The lioness has not passed over it.” No bird or repti...

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