Job 28:25

To make the weight for the wind; and he apportions the waters by measure.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Measure. He regulates the winds, and knows the drops of water, (Haydock) which to man is impossible, Proverbs xvi. 2.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
8. For in the Holy Scripture, by the rapidity and subtlety of the winds souls are used to be denoted, as it is spoken by the Psalmist of God; Who walketh above the things of the winds; [Ps. 104, 3. Vulg.] i.e. ‘Who passes above the virtues of souls.’ Accordingly ‘He made the weight for the winds,’ in that whilst Wisdom from above fills souls, it renders them weighty with imparted maturity, not with that weightiness, of which it is said, Ye children of men, how long with a heavy heart. [Ps. 4, 2] For it is one thing to be weighty in respect of counsel, and another in respect of sin; it is one thing to be weighty, by constancy, another to be weighty by offence. For this latter weightiness has weight of burthen, the other weight of merit. Thus, therefore, souls receive weight, that they should not henceforth with light motion glance off from their aim at God, but be made to settle into Him with immoveable weightiness of constancy. Still was that people lightly moved to and fro, of wh...

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