Job 28:19

The topaz of Ethiopia shall not equal it, neither shall it be valued with pure gold.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Ethiopia, on the east of the Red Sea. Pliny ( vi. 29.) mentions the isle of Chuthis, which was also famous for the topaz. Dying. Hebrew cethem, (Haydock) which we have observed relates to gold, ver. 16.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
84. What do we take ‘Ethiopia’ for, save the present world, which same by darkness of hue denotes a sinning people in the foulness of its merits. But sometimes by the name of Ethiopia the Gentile world in a special manner is used to be denoted, as being before black by the sins of unbelief. Which same on the Lord’s coming, the Prophet Habakkuk beheld affrighted with fear, and says, The tents of the Ethiopians tremble with dread, the tents of the land of Madian. [Hab. 3, 7] David also, the Prophet, seeing that the Lord should come for the redeeming of Judaea, but that first the Gentile world should believe, and afterwards Judaea should follow, (as it is written, Until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in, and so all Israel shall be saved, [Rom. 11, 25. 26.]) says, Ethiopia, her hand shall be first to God; [Ps. 68, 31] i.e. ‘before that Judaea believes, the Gentile world being black with sins offers itself to Almighty God to be saved.’ Now the topaz is a precious stone, and becaus...

Julian of Eclanum

AD 455
“The highest and loftier things are not worthy of mention in comparison with it.” He shows that not only amassed riches but also the heights of honors and the highest peaks of official dignity become worthless in comparison with it. “Wisdom is drawn from what is hidden.” Since he had depreciated all the things that delight the eyes, or entice the other senses or deceive the minds, in comparison with the honor of wisdom, he also avenges [wisdom] from that offense, in order that it may not appear to be open to everybody, that is, it may not be accused of dwelling in the desires and the actions of the crowd. - "Exposition on the Book of Job 28.18"

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