Job 27:2

As God lives, who has taken away my right; and the Almighty, who has made bitter my soul;
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Judgment. Chaldean, "my rule of judging. "Septuagint, "Live the Lord, who hath judged me thus. "Symmachus, "hath despised my judgment. "The expression seems very harsh, and may be one of those which God blames, chap. xl. 3. (Estius) (Calmet) Yet we shall examine that point later, chap. xlii. (Haydock) He may only mean that he is so well convinced of his innocence, that he calls God to witness it, (Calmet) and adores his ways, (Haydock) in not permitting him to appear before his tribunal, (Calmet) to justify himself; (Menochius) so the he is abandoned to the rash judgments of others, chap. xxxiv. 5. Isaias (xl. 27.) and Sophonias (iii. 15.) speak in similar terms. (Calmet) God deferred passing sentence, for Job's greater trial. (Worthington)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
3. By which same words blessed Job at once tells his own circumstances, and represents the times of Holy Church under affliction, wherein she is borne down by the open frowardness of unbelievers, and vexed by the bitterness of persecution. For in two ways the Church is subject to be tried by her adversaries, viz. that she should suffer persecution either by words or swords. Now Holy Church aims with the greatest diligence to possess wisdom and patience. And her wisdom is exercised when she is tried with words, her patience is exercised when she is tried with swords. Now, however, he is speaking of that persecution, wherein she is provoked not by swords, but by false statements. Now we know numbers, who when they encounter some things adverse in this life, do not believe that God is, but there are some that hold that God is, but does not concern Himself in the least with the affairs of men. For of the one it is said by David, The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. [Ps...

Olympiodorus of Alexandria

AD 570
While his three friends remained silent about his words, the blessed Job, by linking himself with what had been said before, adds the words that follow. Indeed he had spoken his previous words as a prologue to what follows now. - "Commentary on Job 27.1"

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