Job 27:17

He may prepare it, but the just shall put it on, and the innocent shall divide the silver.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
25. And the innocent shall divide the silver. For ‘the innocent to divide the silver’ is to set forth the revelations of the Lord piece by piece and with discrimination, and to apply to each individual what may be proportionately suitable. For the Word of the Lord which is here entitled ‘silver’ or ‘garments,’ this same is elsewhere denominated ‘spoils.’ Which the Psalmist likewise witnesses in the way of comparison, saying, I rejoice at Thy Word as one that findeth great spoils. [Ps. 119, 162] Which spoils are so called for this reason, because on the Gentile world passing over to the faith of the Lord, the Jews are spoiled of the Sacred Oracles with which they had been invested. And of this division of the silver or of spoils it is elsewhere said, Benjamin is a ravening wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoils. [Gen. 49, 27] By which words, no doubt, the Apostle Paul is designated, as being descended from the stock of Benjamin, who ‘in the morning devoured the prey,’ because in his first beginnings seizing upon all the believers he was able, he glutted his own cruelty. But ‘in the evening he divided the spoils,’ because afterwards being made a believer, he portioned out the sacred oracles by interpreting them. 26. Though this’ silver,’ which’ the innocent divides,’ may be understood in another sense as well. For Heretics, that they may be easily able to recommend what is wrong, mix with their statements things that are right, that the minds of those that hear them by right views they may attract, and ‘by wrong ones wound. Which same persons, because, in the precepts of God, they are pied with a sound and unsound mode of speech, are, in the Gospel, well represented by the appearance of the’ ten lepers,’ with whose healthy colour whereas an evil whiteness is intermixed, by this excessive whiteness they are rendered foul. Hence we are warned, Not to think of ourselves more than we ought to think, but to think soberly. [Rom. 12, 3] And these too, because they do not as yet love either God, of Whom they entertain wrong notions, nor yet their neighbour, from whom they are separated, are opposed to the precepts of the Decalogue, and therefore for the beseeching of the Lord they come ten in number. Now for this cause, that they mixed what is sound with what is unsound, they are pied with a difference of colour; but because they offended in His precepts, they call Him that whereby they had so offended, saying, Jesus, Preceptor; and hereby they directly obtained to be healed. And so because the Catholic makes out the things that are thought rightly, or that are thought wrongly by them, ‘the innocent divideth the silver,’ i.e. distinguisheth what may have been by them delivered either with wholesome or baneful effect.

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