Job 26:4

To whom have you uttered words? and whose spirit came from you?
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Life. Septuagint also seem to understand this of God. (Calmet) Job does not blame his friends for undertaking to approve the ways of Providence, but for condemning himself (St. Chrysostom) rashly, (Haydock) and, with an air of haughtiness, endeavouring to restrain him from pleading his cause before the divine tribunal. (Menochius) Hebrew, "Whose spirit came from thee? "(Protestants) (Haydock) Did I receive my life, or do I seek advice from thee? (Calmet) God stood in no need of Baldad's wisdom (Worthington) no more than Job. (Haydock)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
“To whom have you given counsel? Perhaps to him that has no wisdom?” To “give counsel to one who is foolish” is an act of charity. To give it to one that is wise is an act of ostentation. But to pretend to give it to Wisdom itself is an act of perversity. Those visitors, who we have said are like those today who insist on their own way, were by their mode of speech playing toward ostentation rather than usefulness. Thus it is yet further rightly added against Bildad, “And you have displayed your prudence overmuch.” One who is rightly prudent does not overextend oneself because according to Paul’s declaration, he seeks “not to be wise above the degree that he ought to be wise.” But to one who is excessively prudent, the result is imprudence. For when prudence is carried beyond due measure, it is made to turn off the path on one side or another. “Excessive” prudence becomes evident when one seeks to appear more full of prudence than anyone else. Those who do not have the art to be wise i...

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
29. By the ‘breathway’ we live, by prudence we are wise. But it is ours first to live, and afterwards to be imbued with wisdom; because in order that we have the power to be wise, it is first brought to pass that we should have being. He, then, Who bestowed life, the same doubtless gave prudence as well. But because Bildad thought blessed Job was scourged for sin, that secret judgment of God which he should have adored in humility, he set himself with overweening temerity to penetrate to the bottom. And so that very One he preferred himself before in respect of prudence, Whose judgment without understanding it he judged. That very One he preferred himself before in prudence, from Whom he received the breathway of life, as though he were wise more than He, the very Being from Whom he had it given it him that he should be. But because blessed Job whilst bearing a type of Holy Church delivered a few things in the rebuking of proud men, who, he was not ignorant, bore a likeness of h...

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