Job 26:3

How have you counseled him that has no wisdom? and how have you plentifully declared the thing as it is?
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
28. To ‘give counsel to one that is foolish’ is an office of charity, to give it to one that is wise, of ostentation; but to give it to Wisdom Itself, of wrongmindedness; and because those who we have said bear the likeness of heretics, by their mode of speech, were administering to ostentation rather than to usefulness, it is yet further added rightly against Bildad, And shewn thine own prudence overmuch. To one to whom there is right prudence it is not overmuch, because according to Paul’s declaration, he seeketh not to be wise above the degree that he ought to be wise. But to whomsoever there is overmuch prudence, there is not right prudence. For whilst it is carried beyond due measure, it is made to turn off on one side or another of offence. Now they shew their prudence to be ‘overmuch,’ who aim to appear fuller of prudence in comparison of others; whence it very frequently happens that whilst they have not the art to be wise in moderation, they even speak things that are foolish.

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