Job 23:2

Even today is my complaint bitter: my hand is heavy in spite of my groaning.
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
“Today also my speech is bitter,” that is, my words happen to be harsh and irksome to both our ears. In a different sense [we may interpret the passage as] you, indeed, to use harsher speech against you, drive me with your words. - "Commentary on Job 23.2"

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Bitterness. Instead of comfort, he only meets with insult from his friends. He therefore appeals to God, (Worthington) but with fear. (Calmet) Scourge, is not in Hebrew. (Menochius) But it explains the meaning of "my hand "(Haydock) or the heavy chastisement (St. Gregory) which I endure. (Menochius)

John Chrysostom

AD 407
“Then Job answered and said, ‘Yes, I know that my accusation comes from my hands.’ ” This means, I carry along with me the evidence that accuses me. I draw from myself the demonstration of my afflictions. “His hand has been made heavy upon me, and I groan over me.” If it were possible, he says, to discuss my punishments with him, it would also be possible to find them out. If only I could plead my case in justice, he says, and meet him and learn what he would have answered me! See how he obtained exactly what he desired. That is, in fact, what occurs at the end of the book. I wanted to know what he would have said to me and whether he would have punished me just the same; and, by saying so, I had no intention of condemning any injustice on his part. - "Commentary on Job 23.2b"

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