Job 21:17

How often is the lamp of the wicked put out! and how often comes their destruction upon them! God distributes sorrows in his anger.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
How often. When do we witness the downfall of the wicked? (Mercer.) Or, in a contrary sense, how often are they miserable as well as the just? Such things are, therefore, a very equivocal argument, to prove either side of the question. Those who are afflicted, and cling closer to God, must be accounted virtuous and happy; while that prosperity is fatal which is an occasion of our neglecting his service. (Calmet) Job answers his own questions, ver. 7. If the wicked be happy for a time, their future state is deplorable, and often they forfeit even their temporal advantages. (Menochius)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
55. It often happens that the wicked man reckons the life of his children as a ‘candle,’ but when the son, that is loved overmuch, is taken away, what seemed the ‘light’ of the wicked is ‘put out.’ Often the wicked man reckons the credit of present honour his ‘candle,’ but, whilst, his dignity gone, he is cast down from his height, his candle is extinguished, which shone for him according to his desire. Often the wicked man thinks that the resources of earthly substance are his, like a great candle for light, but when upon ruin falling on him, he loses the riches which he loved more than himself, what else with this man but that he has lost the candle, in the light of which he was rejoicing? And so he that has no wish to rest his joy on the things of Eternity, neither here, where he is minded to establish himself, can he rejoice uninterruptedly. For as often as the ‘candle of the wicked is put out,’ at once there ‘cometh a flood upon them, and God divideth sorrows in His fury.’ ‘...

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