Job 20:18

That which he labored for shall he restore, and shall not swallow it down: from the proceeds of business he shall not rejoice.
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
“They will not rejoice on the division of the rivers, the streams flowing with honey and curds.” These words mean that those rivers were divided on Mount Calvary, and the streams derived from the rivers signify the gifts of the Spirit communicated by the revelation of the Gospel. - "Commentary on Job 20.17"

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Suffer eternal torments. (Calmet) Hebrew, "according to his substance, shall the restitution be, and he shall not rejoice. "(Protestants)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
21. For he ‘pays’ in torment for those desires, which he retained here contrary to right, and being consigned to avenging flames, he is always dying, in that he is always kept alive in death. For he is never consumed in death, in that if his life in dying were consumed, his punishment likewise would be brought to an end together with his life; but that he may be tormented without end, he is forced to live on without end in punishment, that he whose life here was dead in sin, may have his death there living in punishment. Let him say then; He shall pay for all the things that he hath done, nor yet shall he be consumed, forasmuch as he is tormented, and not put out, he dies and lives, he is falling away and holding on, always finishing, without being finished. These things are very terrible in the healing of the ear only, how infinitely more terrible in the enduring of them! Now because the multiplicity of his wickedness demands that he should never be without punishment, it is fitl...

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