Job 16:9

He tears me in his wrath, who hates me: he gnashes upon me with his teeth; my enemy sharpens his eyes upon me.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Against me, in your opinion, as if I were guilty of lies. Hebrew, "my leanness bears witness, my falsehood has risen up against me and answered me to my face "which may be understood in the same sense as the argument of Eliphaz. He is designated by the false speaker; (Calmet) unless we explain it of the wrinkles, which falsely indicated that Job was advanced in years, or of the malady; whence it was gathered that he must be a criminal. (Menochius) Protestants, "my leanness riseth up. "(Haydock)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
10. What is denoted by ‘wrinkles,’ but doubledealing? and so all they are wrinkles of Holy Church, who therein live in doubledealing, who avouch the faith with their voices, disown it by their works. These persons doubtless in time of peace, because they see that with the powers of this world that faith is an honour, falsely feign themselves of the number of believers; but when a sudden storm of adversity disquiets Holy Church, they thereupon shew what they are going after in their heart of unbelief. Now these ‘wrinkles’ Holy Church has not in her Elect, in that they have not the art to shew one thing in themselves on the outside, and to hold another withinside. Whence the great Preacher says truly, That He might present it to Himself a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle. [Eph. 5, 27] For she ‘has not spot or wrinkle,’ in that she is without both foulness of practice, and doubleness of tongue; but because now she holds within the bosom of the faith numbers even of the ch...

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