Job 15:33

He shall shake off his unripe grapes like the vine, and shall cast off his blossom like the olive.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
First. Hebrew, "unripe. "(Haydock) He shall derive no aid or comfort from his young family.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
As often as we do alms after sin, we, as it were, pay a price for bad actions. Wherefore, the prophet says concerning him who does not do these things, “He will not give God his propitiation or the price of the redemption of the soul.” But sometimes the rich, being elated, oppress those below them and seize the things of another. Yet, in a certain way they give some things to others. And while they oppress multitudes, they sometimes render defensive support to particular persons; for the iniquities that they never abandon they seem to offer a price. But the price of alms then frees us from sins, when we lament and renounce things of which we are guilty. For he who is both always sinning, and, as it were, always bestowing alms, pays a price in vain, in that he does not redeem his soul, which he does not keep from evil habits. Hence it is now said, “Let him not believe, being vainly deceived, that he is to be redeemed with any price.” For the alms of the rich and proud person has no effi...

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
60. It is to be observed that the Divine Word so speaks of this wicked man in general terms, that yet it comes down to his particular wickedness. For he that on saying, His cluster shall be spoilt like a vine in the first flower, and like an olive casting its flower; directly adds, For the congregation of the hypocrite shall be barren, plainly makes it appear that in this wicked man it is against his hypocrisy that he passes sentence of condemnation. Now we have to consider how it is that the hypocrite is ‘spoilt like a vine in the first flower, or like an olive casting its flower.’ If the vine in flowering be touched by excessive cold in an inequality of the weather, it forthwith makes it dry of all moistness of verdure. And there are some, who after bad courses long to follow ways of holiness, but before that good desires are confirmed in them, as we have said, some piece of good fortune of the present life comes upon them, which entangles them with outward concerns, and whilst ...

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