Genesis 46:4

I will go down with you into Egypt; and I will also surely bring you up again: and Joseph shall put his hand upon your eyes.
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
Our God himself also exhorts that people with his own prophecy and promises them advancement in the faith, the fruit of his gift, for he says to them, “Joseph shall put his hand on your eyes.” It was not that the holy patriarch was troubled as to who should close his eyes, although in the clear understanding of it a natural love is also being expressed. For we often desire to embrace those whom we love. How much more, when we are about to depart from this body, do we take delight in the last touch of our beloved children and find consolation in such a provision for our journey. Yet in a mystical sense we may take it to mean that afterward the Jewish people are going to know their God. For this is a mystery, that the true Joseph places his hands over the eyes of another, so that he who before did not see may now see. Come to the Gospel, read how the blind man was healed, when Jesus put his hand on him and took away his blindness. Indeed, Christ does not put his hand on those who are goi...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Thence; in thy posterity. Septuagint add at last, or after a long time. Jacob's bones were brought back and buried in Chanaan. (Calmet) Eyes, as he is the most dear to thee. Parents closed the eyes of their children in death. The Romans opened them again when the corpse was upon the funeral pile; thinking it a mark of disrespect for the eyes to be shut to heaven; "ut neque ab homine supremum eos spectari fas sit,coelo non ostendi, nefas. "(Pliny, xi. 37.)

John Chrysostom

AD 407
See how whatever the good man longed for the Lord promises him, and in fact much more. That is to say, in his generosity he exceeds our requests out of fidelity to his characteristic love. “Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt,” he says. Because Jacob dreaded the length of the journey, accordingly he says, “Have no regard for the weakness of your old age—I will make you into a great nation there. I will accompany you and make everything easy for you.” Notice the considerateness of the expression: “I will go down with you to Egypt.” What could be more blessed than to have God as traveling companion? Then he spoke the consoling thought that the old man had particular need of: “Joseph’s hands will close your eyes in death.” That dearly beloved son of yours will personally prepare your body for burial, and his hands will close your eyes in death. So, quite happy and free from all concern, Jacob took to the road. Consider at this point, I ask you, with what cheerfulness the good man makes t...

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